Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday's gem

I listened to some stuff today, but I'm not going to talk about all of it. I just want to talk about the one that really stuck.

I listened to Albert Hammond, Jr.'s Yours to keep and loved it. Hammond, Jr. is a member of the band The Strokes, but despite my lukewarm feelings toward the band, I loved this album. It was fresh, inventive, and fun to listen to. A quieter and more introspective album than anything done by The Strokes, Yours to keep made an impact with its musical and lyrical dexterity. It was subtle in ways that The Strokes dream of being. Hammond, Jr. works his way from upbeat to wistful and back again in the span of twelve tracks and, in the process, makes a name for himself as a solo artist with soul.

I highly recommend Yours to keep.

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Matthew said...

Thx for the heads up, I'll listen to that next. Meanwhile you should definitely give some listens to the new Dino Jr., which hopefully has also found its way onto Frances. :-)