Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010=Made of awesome

To commemorate how awesome 2010 has been so far in music, I made a list. Want to hear it? Here it goes...

Gorillaz--Plastic Beach
Neon Trees--Habits
Black Keys--Brothers

The Hold Steady--Heaven in Whenever
Drive-By Truckers--The Big To-Do

LCD Soundsystem--This is Happening

The award for most overrated release goes to: Vampire Weekend for Contra, their 'meh' followup to their eponymous debut.

My husband will tell you that I should've put the Big Boi album on my list. Go bug him about putting up his own list and tell him I sent you.

There are some albums that I want to check out but haven't yet:
High violet (The National)
Treats (Sleigh Bells)
White crosses (Against Me)
Shout it out (Hanson--blame The Sound of Young America for this one)
Culdesac (Childish Gambino)

What are your favorite albums of 2010 so far? Leave a comment!


Bumbler said...

Nice list. I completely agree re: Drive-by Truckers and Black Keys. I LOVE The Big To-Do. Hold Steady was solid. Have to get to LCD.

Disciplined list, too. I can’t be as short. :-(

More favorites of 2010:
The National--High Violet, on your yet-to-come list. Very, very good.
Frightened Rabbit--Winter of Mixed Drinks. If you don’t know this Scottish band, try their previous cd, The Midnight Organ Fight
Roky Erickson with Okkervil River--True Love Cast Out All Evil. A very moving album, especially if you read about his life story
Avi Buffalo--true pop music, gorgeous, made by a band barely out of high school
Titus Andronicus--Monitor. Loud loud loud. I’m too old for this, but I can’t help it.

Yeasayer--Odd Blood. Need to spend more time with this.

My disappointments:
MGMT--Congratulations. Meh.
Band of Horses--Infinite Arms. This is harsh. I love this band. Excited to see them in Des Moines in August. But...a comedown from earlier cd’s for me.
New Pornographers--Together. Another band I adore. Just felt I have heard this all before.

And who are these kids called the Rolling Stones? That album they released a few months ago, Exile on Main Street, man oh man.

Librarian Amy said...

There is no shame in Hanson. Truly take it from me. ;-)

And I need to pick up that Big Boi.

Vero said...

yo le entendi que este capitulo se trata de musica de godilas de hermanos ynadamas le entendi eso

Vero said...

yo le entendi que este capitulo se trata de musica de godilas de hermanos ynadamas le entendi eso