Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lip Gloss by Lil Mama

Every summer there are those catchy "summer singles." You know, the ones that radio plays over and over and that a year or two or ten later you remember those songs as the soundtrack of a particular summer.

That song by Lil Mama, Lip Gloss, will probably be one of them.

And, frankly, I can't turn it off when it comes on my radio. This is nonsense, given that I have satellite radio and there are a billion channels with music more "my taste."

It's silly and frivolous in a way that LFO's Summer Girls was. Though, one could argue if one were so inclined, that LFO's song better encapsulated that summer experience.

Anyway, if you're so inclined, check it out and prove me wrong about how catchy it is. Try to turn it off.

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Kat with a K said...

I don't think I've heard that yet! Did I already rant about how "Summer Girls" isn't on iTunes? I want it!